Alex Melton




Oh! You wanted to know more about me…

Hi, I'm Alex, a freelance graphic designer traveling the world.

Since graduating from UCLA with a BA in Design Media Arts (a fancy way of saying multimedia design) in 2013, I've worked both in-house and freelance in the trenches of ad agencies, above the warehouse of a beverage company and newsroom adjacent at a weekly newspaper, just to name a few.

In March of 2019, I started a year-long journey around the world with 33 strangers (now close friends) on a program called Remote Year – Polaris. The program is designed for professionals who can work remotely, so I'm working while on the road (I realize that this may sound crazy, but I promise its true!). Experiencing new cities and cultures every month creates an abundant stream of new ideas along with new visual inspirations that I bring into my work.

On my off days, I enjoy cooking meals that bring my friends and family together, listening to a great audiobook, making pretty much anything with my hands, and a quality margarita.